$10 OFF 6 Bread 4 Biscotti Bundle

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$10 OFF 6 Bread 4 Biscotti Bundle

The Best Comfort Food

Monks' Bread & Jam Bundles

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They Taste as Good as They Look

Monks' Biscotti - 6 Flavors to Choose From

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Custom Made for Soups, Spreads & Dips

Monks' Baguette Crisps

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PBJ Bundle Only $39.99

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Monks' Biscotti

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Monks' Gift Boxes

Monks' Bread

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Monks' Cheese Crisp Bundles

Assumption Abbey Fruitcake

Assumption Abbey Fruitcakes are the dark, rich, traditional style of fruitcake. Baked at the monastery by the Monks of Assumption Abbey and aged to perfection.

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Nut Butter Bundles

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Monks' Fruit and Nut Bars

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Coffee Bundles


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