2 Bread 2 Biscotti Bundle

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Select any 2 loaves of Monks' Bread and any 2 Monks' Biscotti.

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Monks' Biscotti flavors include:

  • Monks' Dark Chocolate
  • Monks' Cranberry Orange
  • Monks' Anise Almond
  • Monks' Lemon Ginger
  • Monks' Sea Salt Caramel with Almonds
  • Monks' Maple Walnut

Monks' Bread flavors include:

  • Monks' White
  • Monks' Raisin Cinnamon
  • Monks' Maple Cinnamon
  • Monks' Wheat
  • Monks' Sunflower with Rolled Oats
  • Monks' Multigrain
  • Monks' Genesee Rye

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