Start your mornings right with all of the delicious flavors of Homestyle Bread! Click any of the breads for further nutrition information.

When toasted, our maple cinnamon bread creates a delightful taste of french toast but without all the work!

Of course, it works great making your french toast too! With maple syrup and cinnamon drops, it has a fabulous aroma.

Be sure to try it with some of our peanut butter!

This bread has such a following that people who move away from Western New York ask visitors to "bring me some Monks' Bread, and make sure you include some raisin."

Try it and you'll see what they're talking about - an excellent toasting bread!

A fantastic thick and hearty seeded rye bread that is ideal for all sandwiches, especially Rubens.

A wholesome blend of 100% stone ground wheat with hulled millet, corn meal, whole flax seed, bran, oats, quinoa, sunflower seeds, teff and more.

Liquid brown sugar and a touch of honey - no white sugar.

With every bite, you'll savor the goodness of whole sunflower seeds, rolled oats and molasses baked in this one-of-a-kind bread.

Whole grain bread is an important part of a healthy diet. Our whole wheat bread includes 100% stone ground wheat flour, molasses, and honey.

It makes superb sandwiches - try some today!

Someday, we'll have to change the name to set it apart from what the uninitiated call "white bread".

Monks' white bread is like no other white bread - we use unbleached enriched flour to bake a tasty loaf that tastes so good as morning toast that you'll be tempted to eat it without butter!