Monks’ Bread Has a New Look!

For the first time in nearly three decades, Monks’ Bread is hitting the shelf in a new package!  According to Kevin Baker, President of Monks’ Bread, “The new package is part evolution and part revolution.”

The new bread wrapper is done in the spirit of monastic simplicity.  The Monk himself is the same Trappist Monk in a portrait pose rather than a full head to toe profile.  We continue our color coding of each product so our customers can easily find White in its blue bag, Wheat in orange, Raisin in purple, and so forth.

From a design perspective, the Monks’ logo is a new exciting Medieval/Postmodern blend with a touch of Goth.  It is large and energetic.  The tilt of the logo up and to the right communicates a brand on the move and is very eye catching in the bread aisle of the grocery store.  The top and bottom of the bag are framed in color creating a very noticeable product on the grocery store shelf.

Many of our customers are very health conscious, so we have also worked toward a cleaner label product, lower calories and carbs, and the most critical nutritional information on the front of the bag in an easy to read nutritional panel,” says Baker.


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